Monday, January 17, 2011

Still Twitchin' 

In my Twitchy post I wrote, 

"There were also red crossbills in the area. So Steve and I headed off to find them.

In this endeavor we were not successful."

Well if at first ...

My friend Greg had never seen either crossbill species, so I wandered up to the so called "North Shore" once again to meet up with him, and we started searching.

First up we found the red, when a birder named Peter who we met in the parking lot that morning called to say he had them just down the street form us. We arrived to find a pair, male and female, eating pine seeds and avoiding the sunlight (making for difficult photo ops).

The white-winged were not there this week, so we headed off to look elsewhere.

In this endeavor we were successful. Seeing two and perhaps as many as five flitting amongst the tree limbs.

It was actually a rather pleasant day out, colder but not as windy, and sunny.

Maybe I'll go back next week to look for the blue ones ...


For those keeping score at home I'm now up to 71 species (times twelve will give me 852, a North American record me thinks ;-).


Anonymous said...

About the 852, I think Frank Sinatra said it best "You've got High Hopes, High Apple Pie in the Sky Hopes"
Good Onya Sport. Have you checked out my latest blog post?

Anonymous said...

You and Greg both got some awesome pics of this guy...I have never seen one and he looks like a beauty! Both of your pictures could be postcards!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great day out, Steve. I've never had so much luck when chasing rare birds, ever, and to get three in one! Oh yeah..great photo!

Julie McLeod said...

It seems that the birding world is pretty generous and cooperative with each other. I suppose there are some who don't play nicely with others but you don't make it sound like that. Is Greg doing the birding challenge too?

MevetS said...

@ Ron: Yes, nice osprey shots.

@ Tammy: Thanks.

@ Greg: It was fun. Thanks.

@ Julie: Yeah, for the most part. There are a few who you could call selfish. But most have no problem sharing. No, the challenge is only open to DVOC members; I am, Greg isn't.