Saturday, August 22, 2009

365 Theme 94: Fasteners

From the savage garden. Drosera filiformis.

Update: Iona wonders in the comments how his image fits the theme "Fasteners". The bits in focus are the business end of the threaded sundew leaves. They "fasten" on to any insects which land on them, as can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

Fasteners?? I know I've stretched a theme now and again, but where do you get "fasteners" from this?

Whatever you call them, they are nice and bright. Like their composition and colors.

Chesney said...

Steve, thanks for the nice e-mail - I always look forward to your next posts - love all the cool nature shots you get - can hardly wait for your vacation shots! This is very cool, love the selective focus along with those vivid colors!! Another great find!

Anonymous said...

A fascinating macro!