Saturday, August 22, 2009

365 Theme 10: Aged

An old spent pine cone.


Chesney said...

Love the toning in this!! Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Guess I have been waging a one-man war against such treatments of original photos. Certainly I use the enhancement features, but I really like the originals with just enough treatment to boost their appeal. And I have used some of the other effects on occasions. But I stop and ask myself, "Why?"

Steve, I personally think this spent pine cone would have been just as lovely had it been in B&W or color without the treatment. But that is only one person's opinion. And I am likely outnumbered. Certainly the software creators wouldn't like me one bit! :D Sorry.

Ron a.k.a. Danudin said...

I love that Iona is comfortable enough in our presence to voice her opinion, but Steve you and I know that when we become spent pines it takes just a tad of enhancements to make us beautiful again. Now I am only speaking for you and Me Steve, the others can suit themselves, I love this effect.

MevetS said...

@ Iona: Curious, what treatment do you think I used? As I shoot raw all of my mages require some post processing. But this if pretty much straight out of the camera. A touch of sharpening, levels, and slight color saturation boost (I often find the colors in the raw file a bit dull for my taste).

Perhaps the "effect" you are seeing is a consequence of my using a macro lens with a small depth of field. This, combined with the radial symmetry of the pine cone, gives an appearance of motion to the image, especially when viewed full screen on my monitor.

Thank you for your comments. I enjoy the chance at "looking at the image through others eyes" so to speak.

@ Chesney: Thanks, but the tones are courtesy mother nature.

@ Danudin: Thanks, I'm pleased that Iona voiced her opinion and hope that she continues to do so. I'd rather everyone let me know what it is about an image that they like or don't like then say nothing at all. Yeah, I like the "effect" too.