Sunday, July 5, 2009

365 Theme 144: Hats

It's what all the best dressed horses are wearing this year! And functional too. The rider explained that the hat keeps flies and other insects from biting the horse's ears. Anyone who has wandered in the NJ Pinelands in summer knows how bad the flies can get. I've had them attack my car, repeatedly slamming against the windows. So I can see why a horse would sport a hat like this. One of the horses in this group had full netting over its head and body. Fortunately the flies were not out as we and they traveled throughout Whitesbog.


Anonymous said...

Hello Steve! Thanks a bunch for the switch!! It is nice being able to leave a comment on your blog. Thanks again.

Love this shot. The horse has his/her ears perked up just to show off his/her bonnet just for you. The red certainly suits the shot and the horse as well. Nice contrasts.

Chesney said...

Love the contrast of the red hat against the horse. Hey, a horse likes to feel pretty too! :)