Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Six: May 17th

                                    Citizen Scientists ...

This is part of a group of volunteers who will be performing grassland bird surveys throughout New Jersey this May and June. Sadly, grassland bird numbers are dwindling due mainly to habitat loss at the breeding grounds. The picture was taken at Duke Farms during a workshop on grassland bird identification in the field. One of the target species, grasshopper sparrow, was the subject of my musically inclined 365 theme image.

                                    ... Doing Science

In the form of scanning for grassland birds. The purpose of the outing was to give the volunteer surveyors practice identifying and viewing the target species in the field. The habitat at Duke Farms is ideal for this. And there is no comparison between observing a bird in the field or only in a field guide.

                                    Tree Swallow

We saw approximately thirty species of birds amongst the group. Including this nattily attired tree swallow.

                                    American Toad

Not only birds make use of the grasslands. A variety of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians do as well. This fellow was pretty well hidden in the grass along the side of the dirt road. 

                                    Dr. Kristin Mylercraine

Of the New Jersey Audubon Society, shown here taking my profile picture, is the researcher overseeing the grassland bird surveys.

                                   Lichen Bench

Back at the Coach Barn there were several benches like this one. Clearly they haven't been getting much use of late. By humans anyway. The lichens seem to like 'em.

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