Friday, May 8, 2009

365 Theme 157: In My Neighborhood

Albeit not recently. This is Hadrosaurus foulkii as on display at the Academy of Natural Science in Philadelphia. I was fortunate enough to visit on the last day of this exhibit.

It turns out that this dinosaur was discovered a scant 15 miles from where I live. Which meant it or others like it were wandering around in my neighborhood some 80 million years ago. And it became the the state dinosaur of New Jersey in 1991.


Chesney said...

Aren't you glad he is not alive now! Scary!

Anonymous said...

That is really fascinating. I just spent a good bit of time on that excellent site and learned a lot. I had no idea that the science of paleontology had its beginnings in NJ. Thanks, Steve!

mljrbg said...

How interesting. Just think of him as an old neighbor!!