Sunday, May 17, 2009

365 Theme 53: Clocks

This is the clock tower on the Coach Barn at Duke Farms in central New Jersey. This building reminded me of the Dr. Who's TARDIS, it seemed much bigger on the inside than the outside would lead you to believe.

Duke farms is a 2700 acre estate that is being 'developed' as an environmentally sustainable oasis in the center of the most densely populated state in the US. While there is currently limited access to the public, a major part of the overall plan is to increase access. To that end a new visitors center is planned to open in 2010. And Duke farms has partnered with the NJ Audubon Society to offer field trips, a program which began last year.


Chesney said...

Love this composition - what a gorgeous clock tower - sounds like it will be a great place to visit soon!

Danudin said...

Reminds me more of Back to the Future. all you need is a Delorien.