Sunday, January 18, 2009

                                   Branch with Ice

I've recently joined the  Pinelands Photography Group, a photography club sponsored by the Pinelands Preservation Alliance. At our last meeting one of the members reported on his recent trip to the Conowingo Dam in northern Maryland and we decided to have an informal field trip this past Saturday. It was cold and ice was everywhere.

                    One of these Things is not Like the Others

The main photo attraction of Conowingo are the overwintering bald eagles. Hundreds stay by the dam as it functions as a fish cuisinart, providing easy pickings for both eagles and gulls.

                                   Tower Eagle

Alas, while the morning was bright and sunny, the eagles were not cooperating. They were on the far side of the Susquehanna River, like this one on the tower. A few, like the one in the prior image, were flying, but still distant. Most, and I saw on the order of 70 eagles, were perched on the trees lining the opposite river bank. 

                                   Winter Wren Says No

So I went looking for other photo ops. This winter wren was actively searching for food in the leaf litter. And here it is shaking its head, "no pictures for you!". I took about forty shots trying to get this guy. Most are more blurred than this (if the bird is even still in the frame). I have two keepers. Imagine doing that with film.

                                   Screaming Eagle

As I was packing my gear away a trio of eagles came soaring over me, I grabbed the camera and shot away. The blues skies had turned to gray which resulted in dark images. But I got a couple.

                                   Iced Branches

Did I mention it was cold?


Chesney said...

What a great "mini" photo vacation. Your images are breathtaking. I am so jealous of all of the eagles - look's like you had a wonderful time and took some incredible images!

mljrbg said...

Fabulous photographs!!

K said...

Aww, that little wren just wasn't in a cooperating mood, huh? This is a great set!

Dogeared said...

It ate my comment. Stoopid Blogger. Nutshell recap - "no" bird funny, like photo 6 the best!