Saturday, January 31, 2009

                                         Bee Hive

This week finds me at Pennington Park in late afternoon on Saturday. It was cold and I pretty much had the place to myself. This park is less than two miles from my home as the crow flies and is a nice spot for a quick getaway.  
                                    Belted Kingfisher

A very cooperative belted kingfisher. This gal had several perches that she would sit and watch the pond from. I was able to get a number of good shots, a first for me with kingfishers. 

                                         Sheet Ice

The pond is connected to the Rancocas Creek and is tidal. At high tide this log is completely submerged and overnight ice forms. As the tide goes out the ice looses its support, and eventually collapses. It is quite cool to be surrounded by crashing ice.

                                    Red-tailed Hawk

It is the time of year when red-tails are looking for love. This was one of a pair, where the male was displaying to the female. Alas they were far away and mostly behind the trees. This was the only usable image I managed to capture. 

                                    The Tide Coming In

The log shown two images above is now submerged, with just the topmost tip visible in the distance.

                                    Ducks on the Pond

The light has disappeared as clouds hid the sun and this image is almost devoid of color. While I was shooting the kingfisher images these ducks would fly in, notice I was there, and hightail it back out again. As I was leaving the park I walked past the pond and was able to get this image, before they all started swimming away.


Chesney said...

I love your little photo excursions, Steve! This is no exception - you captured some beautiful scenery and birds! My favorite though is the belted kingfisher - what a cool looking bird - I have never seen one!! Thanks for taking us all along! :)

Dogeared said...

I think my favourite is the last photo, of the ducks - the lighting's excellent, almost glowing!