Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pay It Forward/Free Stuff for Freeloaders Meme

Here's the deal.

The first 5 people who comment here will get one of my photographs.

The only rule is that you have to make this offer in your own blog.

Let me know which image you'd like and I'll send you an 8" x 10" print. Leave your email address in the comments and I'll contact you to get the mailing address.

I scarfed this idea form Lawgirl, who has similar offer.


K said...

Ha! I would love one! Although, I'm very indecisive. So, I would have to say either the "Snow Crystals" from 1/8/09, or the sunset photo from 366 of the joshua tree from 10/14/08. I'll shoot you an email in a bit!

Oh, and I'm sure the google search hit won't last too long! ;)

Linda aka Elemobe said...

What a fun idea - I'm in ;)

Linda aka Elemobe said...

Whoops, just read it properly - may not work so well for us non USA folk - could get expensive on the postage on both sides :(

May be best to keep is state side.

MevetS said...

@ Linda. I got this idea from Kerri at LawGirl and she got it form Helen at Dogeared Photos, who currently resides in London.

How much can five letters cost?

Madelaine said...

Neat idea!

Linda aka Elemobe said...

Good point, that's fine - count me in again. Just had a moment of late night panic.

Dogeared said...

I thought all the spots were taken with 6 comments, but I see they're not! I'll email you, you've had some beautiful photos!

LauraHinNJ said...

Counting... Ha! Made it by the wire!

(Wondering how I'll find 5 people to want one of my crappy pics.)


I'll be in touch.