Saturday, November 29, 2008

A friend turned me on to the book, Ghost Towns and Other Quirky Places in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, by Barbara Solem-Stull. And I decided to visit some today. The first was Harrisville which for much of the 1800's was a thriving paper mill town. Today all that is left, except for a few other crumbling walls, is shown in the image above, of the lone remaining wall of the paper mill. 

The book gives excellent directions on how to find the site. If it hadn't I would not have. I followed the route described, pulled on to the sand road, and parked facing the ruins. And I didn't see them, so thick was the vegetation. After checking the site map in the book I looked up and saw the fence around the ruins, almost completely obscured by trees, shrubs and vines. I followed the fence around to the end and found a spot where I could take this shot. Alas, actually wandering about the ruins is not allowed, so this is the only angle to shoot from.

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