Saturday, November 29, 2008

If you look closely, you'll see that this map depicts the vision of Joseph Wharton, Esq. Mr. Wharton was a Philadelphia businessman who attempted to buy up much of what is now the Pinelands National Reserve with the idea to sell the water in the Pinelands to his home city. 

Eventually Wharton would amass holdings of 112,000 acres within the Pine Barrens. The New Jersey legislature got wind of Wharton's plan  to sell water and passed a law banning the sale of water out of state. Wharton then turned to farming. In 1912 Wharton's heirs attempted to sell the land to New Jersey, but a referendum to do so was defeated. They state would later reconsider and in two separate deals would acquire 96,000 acres by 1956.

I live near where the Rancocas Creek meets the Delaware River.

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