Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Bog Post

Once upon a time there was nothing but lawn in the side yard.

So Steve dug a hole.

This post is about what we filled it with.

The Bog, all filled up with bog plants.

Arrow-Head, Sagittarius engelmanniana, leaf ...

... and flower.


Marsh St. John's-Wort, Hypericum virginicum.

Spatulate-Leaf Sundew, Drosera intermedia.

Meadow Beauty, Rhexia virginica.

Pitcher Plant, Sarraenia purpurea.

Carolina Yellow-Eyed Grass, Xyris caroliniana.

Threadleaf Sundew, Drosera filiformis.

Sphagnum moss.

Orange Milkwort, Polygaia lutea.

Rhynchrospora sp.

Coppery St. John's-Wort, Hypericum denticulatum.

This is just a sampling of the plants in the bog. And both we, and mother nature, will be adding more. It really is a nice addition to our gardens.


Thanks to guest blogger Patty Rehn. The words and images are hers.

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