Monday, July 2, 2018

Yard Critter of the Week - Purple-lined Sallow Caterpillar

Purple-Lined Sallow Caterpillar.

Shown here on Common Milkweed, which is not listed as a food plant in any reference I looked at. Curious.

Patty, who as a teacher has the summer off and who can thus spend all day in the gardens, spotted it while spending all day in the gardens.

I was at work. In boring meetings. I so prefer not working. Alas, I, like many people, am dependently wealthy.

I'm not sure what is was doing on this leaf, as this caterpillar prefers to eat flower buds.

Here is an image Patty took earlier (while I was at work):

Image courtesy Patty Rehn
Munching away on the milkweed flower buds.

🐛🐛 🦋 🐛🐛

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