Wednesday, July 25, 2018

It's National Moth Week!

So I went mothing.

Polyphemus Silkworm Moth

I spent the weekend in the Poconos with my friend, moth and all things nature enthusiast, Edie.  She has a great nature blog:

She has a beautiful house and yard full of native plants and trees.  Great for supporting the local fauna. There is plenty of Virginia Creeper growing in her yard, so it is not surprising to find a Virginia Creeper Sphinx Moth.

National Moth Week is happening now.  Many parks, preserves and nature centers are hosting moth events. David Moskowitz and Liti Haramaty, along with The Friends of the East Brunswick Environment Commission started National Moth Week in 2012. Yay for New Jersians!!  You can check out the web site for locations to moth:

Virgin Tiger Moth

Mothing is such an easy activity. Set up a bright light and sheet and let the moths come to you! 

The Angel

The Smaller Parasa is in the slug moth family. What a name for such a cute moth.

Notice the green lines on the nape of the this Banded Tussock and the delicate translucency of its wings.

There are over 12,000 species of moths in North America, so IDing them can be a challenge.  How the moth sits on the sheet is helpful in making an ID.  The Lesser Grapvine Looper sits with its tail up.

Where the Mottled Prominent is tented. Look for the subtle green hues.

While both this Lunate Zale and the Basswood Leafroller below have their wings spread out.

Other moths are quick to identify.  You can see why this moth is called the Harris's Three Spot.

Confused Hapola

Not all moths come to the sheet, but they are attracted by the light, so it pays to look around.  

Beautiful Wood-nymph

Tulip-Tree Silkmoth

Other insects are attracted to the light.  I love this mayfly's googly eyes.

One of the most colorful and beautiful moths of the night was the Small-eyed Sphinx. This moth has purple and blue colors plus what looks like an orange star right in the center, just below its head. 

We had such a fantastic night of mothing.  Get out there!

Thanks to guest blogger Patty Rehn. The words and images are all hers.

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Unknown said...

Patty, it was great fun mothing with you. We had some great moths, didn't we? Your photos and comments convey our mothing experience nicely. Alas, some like the Luna didn't stick around for a photo.