Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Your Nearest Exit May Be Behind You

The other day, while working form home, I spotted this Wild Turkey on the back garden fence.

"Break Time!", I said to no one in particular (which was good as there was no one else there). And I grabbed the camera and headed outside.

And after taking a few shots of the bird above as it hid behind the Joe-Pye Weed, I noticed it wasn't alone.

There were a dozen or so of them in the garden, including the two in the image above (the second back along the fence). As they were hiding in the plants it was not easy getting shots. And eventually my moving around on the deck spooked them. And they all left.


Or so I thought.

Back in my office I kept hearing a turkey calling.

This turkey.

It had become trapped in the wide open garden. The rest of the flock was on the other side of the fence. And it could not find a way through. So it kept walking back and forth along the inside of the fence.

As I slowly walked up towards it, it eventually became agitated at my presence, and tried even harder to find a way out. In hindsight I probably should have walked around and came toward it from the other side of he fence. Because as I came toward it, it wanted to move away from me. But of course it could not, because: fence.

Once I saw it have become distressed I quickly walked toward it. And as you can see from this linked video, it eventually realized that there was no fence in the other direction.

And it was free.

(But I had to get back to work.)

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