Friday, December 22, 2017

Yard Critter of the Week - Wheel Bug

One of the assassins of the insect world, the Wheel Bug.

I was doing a spot of yard work when I noticed this critter over the front door of our house.

On November 19th. Not a day one expects to see many insects about. Or be doing yard work for that matter.

I mean, global warming is a Chinese hoax right?

Anyways, I got a camera. And a ladder.

The Wheel Bug is one of the largest true bugs and the largest assassin bug. Like other assassin bugs it's a voracious predator. Attacking its prey by grasping it with its front legs, and stabbing with its mouth parts. Once having penetrated the skin it injects its saliva, paralyzing the prey and liquifying its internal organs. Which the Wheel Bug then consumes bug sucking them out.

As they are not that picky about what they attack they are not a bug to handle casually. And while I'm happy to say I've not been the target, those that have report a rather unpleasant experience. You've been warned.

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