Monday, October 23, 2017

The Calm of the Wild

Last Saturday did not start so good. It was a scary morning.

(Spoiler Alert: No worries, I'm fine now. 😉)

And time outside is always good for the psyche.

So to get out of the house Patty and I headed off to Franklin Parker for an afternoon stroll.

As we wandered down one of the many sand roads the sparrows toyed with us, frustratingly always just a bit just ahead. Hopping from shrub to shrub. Flitting from side to side. Grrrr.

Patty eventually ID's them as Field Sparrows. But it took a while.

I was mostly sightseeing and snapping pics.

On one side of the road we saw this.

A starkly beautiful former forrest of now drowned trees.

And on the other side, this.

A once cranberry bog returning to a more natural state.

The images don't do justice to the subtle beauty at every turn.

A nice way to take my mind off of something that turned out to be nothing at all.

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