Monday, July 17, 2017

Yard Critter of the Week - Bullfrog


I was feeding our pond fish when I spotted the fine specimen above. Of course I went back into the house and grabbed the camera came back and commenced shooting. And when I started to move closer I noticed the one below.

Note the difference in the shades of green. Cool huh?

Both are in the image below. The bright green one is obvious at the bottom. The dark one is at the top of the image, in the center, sitting on the rock. Bigafy to get a better look.

These two appear to be females, as the tympanum (eardrum) is about the same size as its eye. For males it would be larger than the eye.


Of the eight species of frogs and toads that visit our yard, the Bullfrog is by far the largest (and is the largest in New Jersey). They are year round residents in both our ponds. And their "jug-o-rum" call is a welcome sign of spring.

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