Monday, July 3, 2017

Yard Critter of the Week - Fowler's Toad

Tiny Toads!

Very tiny baby Fowler's Toads.

With two ponds and plenty of transient pools our yard, and lots more in area that surrounds us, this is the place to be in springtime if you are a frog or toad. We have eight species that visit throughout the spring.

Including adult Fowler's Toads. The result of which you see here. The eggs take between two to seven days to hatch, and the tadpoles will then take up to forty days to become toads, which then head out into the world. Where the world is our yard, which right now is hopping with these small toads.

Which made a very good reason not to mow the lawn this past weekend.

🐸  🐸  🐸  🐸  🐸

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