Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dinner Guest

We've noticed a rather large bird about the yard of late.

This bird, a Red-shouldered Hawk:

This is not a new bird for the yard. But this individual was spending quite a bit of time here. And we were curious as to why.

Last evening we were enjoying food and wine on the deck with a friend when we were joined by the hawk. It repeatedly landed, caught something, and retreated to a tree on the edge of the yard to dine.

We could easily see the hawk but not its prey. What it was catching? Mice? Voles? Small birds?  We've got all three here. Frustratingly, we just could not see.

This is the only image that gives any inkling of what was in its menu. If you bigafy the above image it looks like it has a rather large insect. But what insect? And why haven't we noticed these large insects about the yard? (You know if we had seen them we'd have pictures!)

We will of course keep watching. And photographing. And just maybe we'll find out. And If we get a good picture then you'll know too.

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