Monday, July 25, 2016

A Walk in the Woods

It's been a while, but two weekends ago I joined my plant geek friends on their weekly class field trip.

Our first stop was along an old railway near Atsion in the Wharton State Forest.

Being a plant geek trip we saw plenty of flowers.

Yellow was the color of the day, like this Pencil Flower.

Along with a couple in the St. John's Wort family.

It wasn't only the flowers which were yellow.

This spider sure seemed ready to pounce.

The flowers weren't all yellow.

Or showy for that matter.

This species of Galium had very small flowers and seed pods ...

... complete with little velcro style hooks to catch on any passers by.

There were a variety of fungi

There were more, but it was getting very hot, sweat dripping in my eyes. And we were heading to a shady spot down the road for lunch. And then our next stop, a bog with orchids.

But before leaving I managed to capture this Twelve-spotted Skimmer.

Other than the heat, it was a very nice wander down the tracks and through the woods.

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