Sunday, February 7, 2016


After several days up in the tree, the drone has been recovered.

It took a step ladder, a 40 foot telescoping flag pole, and shop vac extension tubes to do so. But the drone returned to earth seemingly no worse for its ordeal.

While in flight (and entangled) I did manage to trigger a few photos before the battery died.

Here is the view from the tree.

And a view from a happier part of the flight.

Over the parking area, looking at the garage, with solar cell array, and the back garden. Note that it has been one week since the blizzard and the back of the garden is snow free.

I know, not the best images. You'd think a $60 drone would have a better camera, right? (I'm already looking at upgrades ...)

I've recharged the battery and tested the craft and it appears to be in fine working order. It helped that on the way down it landed first in another set of branches. And since it was in a willow tree the branches cushioned the fall. I was then able to knock it free a second time and it landed right side up on the (snow free!) ground.

The next flight will be from a tree free local park.

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