Friday, October 2, 2015

Wild Beasts

Hippos were not the only beasts of my childhood dreams that we saw on our boat ride.

There were ...

Masai Giraffes! This one munching on cacti. Yummy!



Zebra! (Which if you are British, rhymes with Debra. Weird, right?)

((But by the end of the trip I was pronouncing it that way too. Thanks Adrian!))

And the first of the "Ugly Big Five", Wildebeest!

(Note also the Fish Eagle on top of the right tree.)

We would get better views of all these and more throughout our stay, but the excitement of seeing them live in the wild for the first time was pure joy. And on my first day!

These animals live on an island in the national park and are the descendants of those brought there for the filming of the movie, Out of Africa. No predators where brought in, so they have it pretty good here.


Here are parts one, two, and three in the Boat Ride in Kenya series.

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