Sunday, October 25, 2015

They Do Like Their Tea ...

I recently visited Newcastle, England for two weeks on business. The rugby world cup was in progress and several games were in Newcastle during my stay. Thus hotel rooms were at a premium. And I was not able to get one in the city, instead staying at a hotel at the airport. It was close to my office, but a thirty minute ride on the Metro, the local commuter train, to Newcastle proper.

And one of the stations in Newcastle was "Monument". Intrigued, I got off to see what this was about. Here is the monument, with plenty of rugby fans (there was a giant big screen TV directly behind me, showing a game, with food a beer tents set up throughout the square).

The chap on top is none other than Earl Grey, he of tea fame.

Here is a close up, alas he is not holding a cup.

It seems the Earl was involved in a bit more than tea drinking. He served as prime minister and during his tenure the reform act, abolishing slavery throughout the British Empire, was passed.

And here I thought it was just because the British liked their tea. See travel does inform and educate. Even if it is just vicariously through a blog post. You are welcome.

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