Monday, February 23, 2015

Window Feeder

The other night it was windy. Very windy. Wind advisory windy. Don't park your car near a tree windy.

And we heard the wind blowing stuff around as we went to bed.

And we heard something else. At least Patty did. I thought it was just the wind.

It wasn't.

It was this fellow.

There were two of them, although only one seemed to be interested in the feeder.

We were right on the other side of the window, but it seems he couldn't see us. Or perhaps didn't care. I snapped away with my iPhone. It wasn't until I cracked open the window that he scrambled away.

The two of them scurried under our deck. Patty then made them each a peanut butter sandwich (she used cheap peanut butter and stale bread).  We've not seen them since.

This is what the feeder looks like in daylight, with a pine siskin, one of the intended visitors.

We, and the folks that sold us the feeder (a local bird food shop), can't understand why it didn't fall off with the raccoon hanging on it.

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