Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lunch Time

My friend Terry, who doesn't have a blog (but who led the First Day Hike) was out walking her dog, Lucy, in her back woods during the snow yesterday when the dog got all excited (Terry said it "got all freaked out").

This is what had Lucy all riled up.

Image courtesy Terry Schmidt

Image courtesy Terry Schmidt
A red-tailed hawk eating a eastern gray squirrel.

In the email in which Terry sent out the pictures she wrote, "If I was Steve and Patty, this would be today's blog.  :) ". So I thought I'd help her out.


I had also thought I had done a blog post with this theme, and spent the morning looking for said post. It was a nice stroll down memory lane, lying in bed, sipping coffee, reading all those old posts. I figured I'd link to that post from this one. But I found no such post.

So here is the post that would have been (set the wayback machine for 2007 ... ).


As I was leaving my condo complex to do some photography at a local nature center I came upon this scene.

On the left we have a red-tailed hawk standing over its quarry, an eastern gray squirrel, while eyeing a turkey that's looking over to see what's going on.

The hawk quickly determined that the turkey was no threat and turned its attention back to the matter at hand (beak? talon?), namely lunch.

There were several more turkeys watching from across the road. All seemingly fascinated by what the hawk was up to.

Neither hawk nor turkeys paid me no never mind as I snapped away.


Thanks Terry for the neat photos and the prompt to stroll down memory lane.

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