Thursday, January 1, 2015

We Have a Winner!

And this time it is me!

In 20102011, and 2012 the grand prize had eluded me (in 2013 I was a judge, and thus not eligible to be disappointed). 

But not this time.

I won the Peregrine Award for Best in Show for this image, "Night's Lights":

And a third place in the Scenery category for "Foggy Bridge":

Patty did quite well again this year, with four winning images:

First place in Fauna for "Land Iguana on Land"

First Place in Flora for "Red on Black"

Third Place in Birds for "Humming Bird"

And Honorable Mention for the artistic award for "Lava Flow Turning"

All of the winning images can be seen here with a list of the photographers and how they placed here.

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