Saturday, January 17, 2015

Like a Good Neighbor ...

Bison Jam! A common Yellowstone winter scene.

The bison have figured out that it is much easier to walk on the road than plow through the snow. And they go at their own pace, caring little about the cars.

Well, most of the time.

Danielle, our guide and driver, explained that bison generally don't mind cars, except when they follow too long and too closely. The best way to deal with a bison jam she told us, was to follow at a respectable distance until the animals moved to the side of the road. Once there is room to pass it should be done so quickly with all of the vehicles passing as a group.

If everyone goes by quickly it seems like one event to the beasts, done before they have a chance to fret. But if a car should linger they grow nervous, worried they are being stalked.

Alas, the car in the image above did not go quickly when the chance arose. The bison got nervous. One bison slammed into another. And in turn that bison slammed into the car. Thus the dent in the passenger side door.

And hair hanging from the mirror.

The bison appeared to be fine.

The folks in the car? Here's hoping they have good insurance.

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