Saturday, December 6, 2014

Night Visitor

Now that we live out in the middle of nowhere we are visited by many non-human fellow earthlings. Some of which only come out at night.

Our home came pre-equiped with motion sensor lights. And a game we play is "spot the visitor" any time we notice one wink on. Our most frequent visitor is the wind. Our second most common visitor is a cat, presumably belonging to one of our neighbors.

The third most common visitor is represented by this handsome beast. The image is kinda ghostly, which seems appropriate for a something that goes bump in the night.

Getting a picture is not easy. First you need to spot the creature lurking out in the shadows. Of course, the camera is never at the right window. Focusing in the dark is a bit difficult, as our visitors rarely have the decency pose in the light cone of our spot lights. And those lights have a habit of going out just as you get the camera lined up. And as soon as they notice us the critter is off into the woods.

Still it is fun to try. And sometimes you get good "bad" shots, like this artsy one of this Virginia opossum.

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Patty said...

Did you know that the opossum has opposable thumbs and is north Americas only marsupial not mention it came to North America from South America !!!