Saturday, December 20, 2014

At the Lab

Lawrence Livermore Labs to be precise. The place with the warning on the sinks.

While we were there we got to hang with Al.

And play a science game with a creepy video host (I crushed).

And model with a model nuclear warhead. At least I think it was a model, cause there were those warnings in the restrooms ...

It was a curious little museum. With exhibits on nuclear warheads, earthquake predicting, energy production and usage, and global warming. Along with the history of the lab. It was one big room and it took us no more than an hour to see it all. Being a physics geek I found it well worth the visit.

But they had no gift shop. So no model nuclear warhead paperweight for me. Or stickers for our bathroom sink. But we did get free t-shirts.

Here we are modeling them. The woman in charge told us that they couldn't sell us the shirts, as she was not setup to handle money. So she just gave them to us. She had a box full of them in the closet. She had been trying to setup a shop for a while, but the powers that be had yet to give the needed approval. So the shirts stayed in their box in the closet. Except for the three we got of course.

It was a nice stop to break up our trip from Yosemite and Muir Woods.

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