Sunday, March 16, 2014

Still Snowing

Before this year I had seen one snowy owl. This year I've seen six, including three last weekend.

We were heading down to Stone Harbor on Saturday in a quest (successful!) to see a smith's longspur, a rare visitor from the central US. As we were driving along the causeway we spotted a woman on a bicycle using her phone to take a picture of a bird on a wire. My first thoughts were, "why is she taking a picture of a gull?" But as were drove by Patty said, "That's a snowy!" a quick turn around and we got very good looks at this bird.

The woman on the bicycle noted that this was the first snowy she had every seen, and was she was quite excited. We thought it was pretty cool as well.

Then on Sunday we took a ride around the impoundments at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge at Brigantine. Where saw not one but two snowies.

As we drove the loop we kept an eye out for white blobs. So when Patty said stop I did and started to scan the horizon. I spotted the owl below ...

... and Patty spotted this one.

We got some good looks through the scope, but obviously, not so great pictures (I need a bigger lens!). Still, it is amazing to see so many of these owls. One wonders how much longer they will be around, they must leave eventually, right?

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