Sunday, March 2, 2014


Patty is on a Quixotic quest to see as many  snowy owls as possible. So to that end we traveled to Island Beach State Park (which is not to be confused with Long Beach Island). Three of the owls had recently been reported there.

We didn't see any.

We did see this sign as we entered the park.

And if you look very closely, after clicking on the image to bigafy it, you might just see a fox. Follow the white line and look for a smudge. That's the fox.

Here's a better look as it trotted by the car:

It kept going as we had no food. And besides we were on a quest!

"Turn around so we can get some pictures!"

So much for the quest ...

After a while she even let me use the camera. (Note to self, always bring two cameras.)

We saw at least two fox, perhaps more, as they would go in and out of the brush at the side of the road only to return a few minutes later.

We only ever saw two at any one time, one very red and one much paler.

Despite the sign, they had clearly associated cars with food. But they did not come up to the car begging. Rather they would run along the road whenever a car drove up.

They cared little about people, as a number stopped and got out to take pictures, us included.

It was late when we arrived and had become completely overcast. Not the best conditions for photography. So we plan to go back on a nice sunny day with plenty of time to setup and get some good shots. We've also been told that there are grey fox at the park, so we'll keep a weather eye for them. And if we time our trip right perhaps we could get some kits. I'll keep you posted.