Sunday, February 9, 2014

In Plain Sight II

One need not go to Texas to see camouflage in action. We didn't even need to leave Philadelphia.

We saw this owl from the trail at the John Heinz NWR across from the Philadelphia airport.

See it? It is just above center in the image above (remember to click on the image to bigafy it).

How about now?

It's right under the cross branch on the right tree trunk.

There it is!

Long-eared owls will roost all day snuggled up against a tree trunk, heading out at night to hunt. We first spotted the bird as a lump on the side of the tree. Of course, we knew where to look, having been alerted to the location by some birding buddies (and Patty had visited the day before). Often they will roost in groups in a single tree, but we only saw one here. Still owls are always a treat, and getting to see one close to home before breakfast is especially nice.

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Chesney said...

Lucky does he blend in!