Thursday, February 13, 2014


On Superbowl Sunday (a national holiday here in the States) I spent a good part of the morning pushing this thing ...

... called a "rock" or "stone", from one end of this ice sheet ...

... to the other, trying to get it to come to rest on the target, which is called the "house".

The closest rock to the center spot, known as the "button" scores one point. As do all of the other stones in the house of the same color that are closer to the button than any of the stones of the other color.

Each team consists of four players who each throw two stones.

The game, when played by skilled players has quite a bit of strategy. We were lucky if we got the stone  in the house. But we pretended we knew what we were doing. Above we see the "skip", essentially the team captain, indicate where she wants the thrower to aim the stone.

Those aforementioned skilled players will sweep the ice to make the stone do their bidding, curling into the house or knocking other stones away.

Our sweeping had no noticeable effect on the path of the stone. At least, none I could discern. At least we didn't fall down.

Despite a bit of knee banging we all had a great time. And after the match we all enjoyed a bit of broomstacking.


Linda said...

no offense, but the Russian women's team is way hotter than this bunch :-)

Unknown said...

How dare you! :-)