Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Flowers

Can you name them all?


The answers, not in order of appearance, are:

Monkey Flower
Green Woodland Orchid
Virginia Knotweed
Common Dayflower
Appalachian Ironweed
Cardinal Flower

Good luck!


Chesney said...

None of these are common to there was no way I could name them...but they are all beautiful! Now I need to go google them! :) Thanks for sharing!

Susan Gets Native said...

Shoot. The only one I know is the cardinal flower.

Susan Gets Native said...

Okay, I think I know now:
1. Common day flower
2. Virginia knotweed
3. Monkey flower
4. Cardinal flower
5. Green wood orchid
6. Appalachian Ironweed

Did I get them right? What do I win?

MevetS said...

@ Susan: We have a winner! You get to pick the prize. Choose wisely.


mljrbg said...

I don't know what they are but they sure are pretty!!

Mary Lou

LauraHinNJ said...

Pfft! You're making things up... your list (and Susan's) is all out of order!

(I knew the monkey flower and the cardinal flower... where'd you find the monkey flower, btw?)

MevetS said...

@ Laura: My list? The one I preface with the statement: "not in order of appearance?". That list?


And what did Susan get wrong?

The Monkey flower, and all the rest, were found at Sharp Street Park, just east of the Union Lake Dam, in Millville along the Maurice River (and not from where we had dinner after this trip)

Susan Gets Native said...

I want a pony.

Ugh. Stop listening to Laura.