Sunday, August 1, 2010

Going to See a Girl about a Horse

The girl is Maya. The horse is Dudley.

I've known Maya for some years now and have seen her become an accomplished rider (and math wiz!)

This was my first acquaintance with Dudley.

Maya and Dudley recently spent four days at the Burlington County Farm Fair where they gave rides to kids big and small (although, despite my encouragement, some were too chicken to ride).

I went to the fair to see Maya (her mom had clued me in that she would be there, and asked me to take some pictures). And I brought a friend along, mainly to have her meet Dudley and satisfy a birthday wish.

They also participated in several competitions, having won a multi-club meet that morning, representing the Burlington County 4H Club. Maya's been winning competitions for seven years now, the last two teamed with Dudley.

Despite having to perform in the very hot and humid conditions at the fair (and sleeping under the horse tent!) both Maya and Dudley were very patient in answering questions and allowing petting respectively.

Including questions on dental hygiene ...

... and hay consumption.

But eventually it became time for Dudley to return to his stall for a scrubbing, a snack, and then sleep.

So after our quality equine face time we said our goodbyes and wandered off to explore the rest of the fair.

There were food stands (yummy mango water ice!), craft tents, rides, old tractors, and plenty of other animals to pet. And some very photogenic crepuscular rays, several of which stretched from horizon to horizon (where's my wide angle lens when I need it?).


Ron a.k.a. Danudin said...

Overall a top presentation Steve, but hey all the elements were with you (This Time haha)How could you fail, Lovely Maya, Dudley (Do Right)Who doesn't just love a Leopard to bits, the characters really shine through and that beaut sunset to top it off, Vive Ka Triomphe!

Susan Gets Native said...

So that's what they're called? Crepuscular rays? My grammy used to call them "Jesus Shine". :)

KarenS (klsbear) said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story of Maya and Dudley. That last image of the sky is super!

Zen Photography said...

Great photo journalism, I enjoyed the read and the photo at the end with the Jesus light.

Anonymous said...

Great story telling. Maya is as beautiful as Dudley is handsome.

I never had a name for the sun rays before but have recently seen many bloggers refer to them as God's Rays or Jesus Rays. I'm glad to know the proper name for them at last. Now if I can only remember how to spell crepuscular....