Thursday, December 11, 2008

While in Cabo we took a sunset cruise. Our hostess came around and using our cameras took pictures of us passengers. Here she is taking a picture of my brother and his wife. In the camera viewfinder you can see them and in the background off the bow of the boat the Arch at Lands End.

While there was a crew of half a dozen on the boat, our hostess did pretty much everything but drive. In addition to picture taking she entertained the kids on board, making tiny shirts out of dollar bills ("want to buy a souvenir shirt for a dollar?" My sister almost said no!); she danced with the passengers; she sat on our laps and fed us tequila; she put out the food (chips and salsa); and she climbed the mast to rig the sales. She was lively and had a great sense of humor, even when she was telling jokes she must have told hundreds of times. 

The cruise was fun for all of us, except maybe for dad. He gets seasick just looking at boats. While we were under sail he was fine. But once we stopped and just bobbed on the waves he began to get uncomfortable. But he made it. And we got some gorgeous views of the sunset over the Pacific ocean. And I few keeper images.

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Anonymous said...

I love that shot! Very clever! Sounds like quite a memorable cruise too...