Friday, February 17, 2017

Yard Birds

I was reloading the feeders outside when I spotted our resident Eastern Screech Owl surveying her (or is it his?) domain.

She or he seems to be getting accustomed to my presence as I was able to get much closer this time. (The first time we spotted Screechy it retreated very quickly into the box when I walked out on to the deck.)

And while I was out there I heard a very loud "peeeeennnt" call of an American Woodcock.

 I quick called Patty, who spotted the bird eating worms in our front yard.

And while watching this one we heard another.

We also heard at least one and maybe two Barred Owls calling off in the woods. I doubt that either the Screech Owl or the Woodcock was happy to hear the Barred Owl calls. But we were.

As Patty said, a very exciting five minutes in the yard.

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