Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The fire started Sunday morning.

I was with some friends in Chatsworth, NJ around 9:00 AM and we watched as a number of fire vehicles went speeding by.

Three days later this is the view from Southampton, the town I live in, on my way home from work.

Here's a view a bit closer to home.

And closer still.

I was maybe two miles from home when I took this shot.

We cannot see it from our yard.

We are surrounded by too many trees.

Wait a minute ...


In the map below the blue dot in the upper left is our place, the purple pin in the lower right corner is the approximate location of the fire.

About twelve miles as the smoke wafts. 

Fortunately, after burning about 400 acres the fire has been contained. But it is so dry it might continue burning for a while yet. 

So as the cliche goes, we're not out of the woods yet.   

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