Thursday, December 31, 2015

Shadows and Light

On the flight back from the Florida trip that provided the image for the last post, I noticed this out the airplane window:

Not one but two contrail shadows.  At different angles and converging on the anti-solar point. Curious, why would my plane have two contrail shadows?

Here is a shot that shows the two shadows against a thin layer of clouds, making them more obvious.

But wait there's more!

Hmmm ...

A clue:

Ignore the cloud bow and glory for a moment and look at the top of the image. Seems we were not the only plane in the sky that day.

Here's another clue:

Look closely on the left center of the image (click to bigafy). You can see the cloud shadows, which are also angled toward the anti-solar point.

So mystery solved. Contrails from the many planes that ply the eastern corridor along with shadows form the clouds, because of perspective all seeming to converge on the point, the anti-solar point.

Ok, now you can look at the glory.

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