Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gone Fishin'

It was the day after Thanksgiving here in the States. That means it time for crowds of people heading to the same spot all trying to get the same thing ...

... pictures of ...

... Eagles!

And Fisherman's Park at the Dam at Conowingo is the place to go. Especially if you live in the mid-Atlantic states. And sometimes even if you don't, as there was a group from Japan snapping away.

Look closely at the shot below. How many eagles can you spot?

I count at least twelve (remember you can always click to bigafy). They are not many places where you can see flocks of eagles in the lower forty-eight.

This is my fourth visit to Conowingo. And the warmest. Albeit still cold. And it was the first time that the photographers out numbered the eagles. Apparently it is still warm enough up north so that the birds are in no hurry to head south.

The people still came to see the birds, although not everyone wanted to be part of the crowd (that water is cold!).

It's called "Fisherman's Park" for a reason. And that's why the birds come.

For the fish! (It's not gonna end well for one in the image above.)

Got 'em!

It doesn't always go the eagles way ...

A big splash all for naught. (And that water is still really cold!)

But most times the fish loses in these encounters.


Our friend Lori came with us this time. And was she ever pumped to see the eagles. "Wow!" "Are you kidding me!" "I see it, I see it!". All the while we're apologizing for making her wake up at six am and driving two hours for what to us was a disappointment. But her enthusiasm made us realize that it was still a great day. And it didn't hurt that we saw six more eagles on the ride home.

We will be going back this season as we've other friends that want to go. And we owe Lori a lot more birds. And I'm still hoping that Santa brings me a really big lens for Christmas.

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