Friday, November 29, 2013

Bombs Bursting In Air

I managed to fit in a bit of fun while at my conference in Florida. It was at Disney World after all. One night we had dinner at EPCOT after which we had a prime spot to enjoy dessert and watch the EPCOT fireworks show (we even got to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks show in the distance, as you can see below in some of the images).


I used a new camera for these shots, a Sony RX100 II, a high end pocket camera. Given that it can hide behind my iPhone, it easily fits in my pocket (it is a couple of times thicker than the phone). The camera is still relatively new to me so I'm still learning what it can do (the lack of a manual doesn't help). So my  "technique" for these shots was just to point and shoot.

I'm not a big fan of Sony gear, having had a number of subpar experiences, and had stopped even considering them when shopping for audio equipment. But I wanted a camera that I really could put in my pocket, albeit one that took good images, and all of the reviews pointed to this unit. I've not been disappointed, as this camera succeeds at both.

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