Saturday, December 10, 2011


Can you count them all?

I counted over 150 at Conowingo that day. But most, like those in the image, were across the river, perched.

They'll be there all winter. If you go, take a big lens! And dress warmly.


Anonymous said...

The only time I have seen more Eagles than that Steve, was when I crossed from Queensland into the Northern Territory near Cammoweal and saw a cloud above a scrub fire and thought it smoke until I noticed Individual segments separate themselves swoop down and snatch a scurrying something fleeing the flames. They were a mixture of Wedgetailed Eagles and about five varieties of Hawk. I would have estimated the cloud of raptors to have extended around 4 square miles. It was a substantial scrub fire.

Wren nests in... said...

Our (Eastern) version of a salmon run on a river! Sans salmon. ;o)

Louis Dallara said...

Greetings Steve;

Great shot, I didn't realize that there are that many Eagles there. thanks for sharing.
Any interest in the Cumberland County Winter Eagle Festival?