Monday, July 5, 2010

My New Gadget

I want a New Toy (oh ay oh), to keep my head expanding ...
-- Lene Lovich, New Toy

As you might have heard on the news or via the interwebs, Apple released the latest iPhone on June 24th.

And I got one that day. I had to wait in line almost nine minutes, which was just long enough to finish the (free!) mango Rita's water ice they gave me. Once in the store it took another five whole minutes to get my phone and activate it.

I had driven by the Apple Store on my way into work and the line was several hundred meters long. I kept on driving and went back at lunch time. I had pre-ordered, so I got to get in the short line, which was all of four people long, including me.

I upgraded form the original iPhone and this model is much faster and has cool features like a GPS receiver and digital compass. But what has impressed me the most so far has been the camera. Now, it won't be replacing my DSLR anytime soon (unless I keep taking them swimming!) but I'll be carrying my digicam a lot less.

Here are a few handheld shots from my first weekend with the phone. Enjoy!

These images were all taken at Duke Farms, during the BioBlitz on June 27th. I was part of the team doing the bird census.

And here's a shot I couldn't have gotten with my iPhone.

I guess I'll be keeping my other cameras. :-)


Ron a.k.a. Danudin said...

Thank God for the bug and the bird, other than that it only does smelly things!

Anonymous said...

Looks the bird is not an iBird

Mia said...

Åh så härliga bilder! :)

Ha en fin dag.

Anonymous said...

I will be getting one as soon as it is released in Canada. I already can't wait but seeing shots like yours makes me even more itchy to get it!


MevetS said...

@ Ron: But they are such pretty smelly things!

@ Ellen: Alas, there will be very few iBirds!

@ Mia: Jag tror att de är vackra också. Du har en rolig dag också.

@ Julie: I love it! Much better than my last one. :-)