Saturday, May 22, 2010

In The Clouds

In my astronomy club, the Willingboro Astronomical Society, I'm known as the "cloud guy".

This is not a good thing. Clouds and astronomy don't mix.

But I've come to appreciate and enjoy this bane of the astronomers existence. I've even become a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

So is it any surprise that when I fly I take pictures of clouds?

And I've been flying a lot of late. Alas all for business. For four weeks in May and June I'll be visiting Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and New York. Back to back to back to back. With all but New York involving Air travel.

We, there are four of us traveling, fly out on Wednesday, have meetings on Thursday, and fly back on Friday. And while as a rule I enjoy traveling, this is a tough schedule even for me. And for three years I commuted between New Jersey and Los Angeles.

And accumulated 890,000 frequent flyer miles.

I've but 26,000 left. As I said, I like traveling. (I'm not a big fan of airports though. To say nothing of $10 beers at airport bars!)

Fun travel coming up this year is a July trip to Tahiti and a September trip to Arizona. And maybe a trip to Ireland.  I've already been to Cabo San Lucas this year (maybe I'll get around to posting some pictures one of these days). My February trip to Florida was by car.

Plane rides, especially long ones, can be rather boring. So it is always nice to have a picturesque cloudscape out one's window. I like to imagine that they are actual landscapes and dream about hiking them.

Photographing said cloudscapes can be tricky. I think I did ok here, a bit to much grey in some and the sky is a bit darker then I might prefer. But overall I'm happy with the color and the detail in the clouds. All to often the clouds come out as dark, indistinct, and noisy. Maybe I'll get a bit more practice on next week's trip to Chicago.

I'll let you know if I get any good ones.


Anonymous said...

I can see why you've earned the moniker 'cloud guy'. These are really good! I hate flying anymore....


Kerri said...

I do the same thing when I'm flying! Nice shots!

Anonymous said...

These are great.They look like you were on the wing. How do you deal with the dirty thick glass?

MevetS said...

Thanks everybody.

@ Ellen: Just luck. :-)