Saturday, June 6, 2009

In With The Old, Week Twenty-Three

Carnivore (July 2006)

Venus flytrap taken at Longwood Gardens on a brutally hot and humid day made worse yet by being inside a greenhouse. A friend and I visited the gardens on a photo outing. We each made a number of nice images, but it was just to hot to stay much past noon. 

We'd not planned staying anyway, as we were heading to a colleague's home for a barbeque. We had picked the gardens as a photo destination based on the proximity to the barbeque. I've a friend who works there now and she's been wanting me to visit, so maybe I'll have some new images to post.


K said...

Every single time I go to the gardens here I play with these. I still jump every time one of them closes up on me!

Anonymous said...

I would like to go back to Longwood Gardens with my new cameras! And I now have learned to get close-ups of flowers :-) so need to go back for that too. It is a great place. Love the close-up of the fly trap!

BobbieCoughlin said...